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2018 Zeta Chapter Executive Committee


President: Jorden M.
As Chapter President, Jorden assumes responsibility for the strategic direction of the chapter. She serves as Chair of the Executive Board, overseeing the activities of all officers and committees. She also maintains constant communication with the chapter members, Alumnae Advisors, Province and District Team leaders and the Executive Office.


Executive Vice President: Addie H.
 Addie is the Executive Vice President, and presides over the chapter in the President’s absence. She also oversees the Administrative Team, functioning as a liaison between the chapter and the international organization and Alumnae Advisors.


Membership Education Vice President: Morgan M.

Morgan is in charge of Total Membership Education and sisterhood events. She oversees chapter-wide scholarship, the education of new members, and the well-being of current members. She helps plan Chapter Retreat, an exciting weekend getaway where our members have a chance to get to know each other better, play games and dance the night away.


Recruitment and Marketing Vice President: Sydney R.
Sydney is responsible for protecting and maintaining the values of Alpha Delta Pi. She serves on the Executive Committee and constantly communicates with chapter members, the chapter Executive Board, and Alumnae Advisors. She strives to promote excellence in academic scholarship and overall well-being for all of our members.


Finance Vice President: Kathryn C.
Kathryn acts as the financial manager for the chapter, assuming responsibility for all aspects of chapter financial and property management. She prepares the initial Chapter Budget and Revised Budget for Executive Board and chapter approval.


Director of Standards and Ethics: Tristin E.
Tristin serves ΑΔΠ by promoting excellence in academic scholarship and the general well-being of every member of the chapter. She is always available to chapter members as an executive committee member and as a sister. Her job is to maintain the traditional values of ΑΔΠ and protect the interests of individual members.


Director of Social Enrichment: Corinne C. 
Corinne plans and directs the chapter Social Program for the entire year with the assistance of the Social Enrichment Team. The Social Program includes formal and informal parties, mixers with fraternities, sororities and other groups on campus, events for parents and alumnae, and events for Alpha and Delta members.


Senior Panhellenic Delegate: Due to Panhellenic regulations, we cannot display her name, but we are grateful for the work she does for ΑΔΠ and all the sororities on campus.

The Senior Panhellenic Delegate communicates vital recruitment, regulatory and all-Greek information between Alpha Delta Pi and the Panhellenic Council. Her job is to encourage the development of friendships between Alpha Delta Pi and all the sororities on campus through philanthropy, recruitment and community events. She particularly enjoys Panhellenic because she thinks the promotion of unity and equality among our great campus sororities is important. 



2018 Zeta Chapter Officers


Chapter Administrative Team:
EVP (CHAIR): Addie H.

Recording Secretary: Erin A.
Corresponding Secretary: Erin A.
Historian: Shellsea M.


Chapter Membership Education Team:
MEVP (CHAIR): Morgan M.

New Member Coordinator: Molly M.
Scholarship Chair: Savannah R.
Leadership Committee Chair: Savannah R.
Guard: Maddie V.


Chapter Financial Team:
FVP (CHAIR): Kathryn C.

Finance Assistant: Kathryn C.
Property Manager: Hannah B.


Chapter Recruitment Team:
RMVP (CHAIR): Sydney R.

Formal Recruitment Chair: Nicole K.
Recruitment Information Manager: Heather T.
Philanthropy Chair: Sophia W.
Alumnae Relations Chair: Anna S.
Public Relations Chairs: Hannah B.
*Junior Panhellenic Delegate: Due to Panhellenic regulations, we cannot display her name, but we are grateful for the work she does for ΑΔΠ and all the sororities on campus.


Chapter Social Enrichment Team:
Director of Social Enrichment (CHAIR): Corinne C.

Music Chair: Kat S.

Standards & Ethics Team 
Director of Standards and Ethics (CHAIR): Tristin E.

Chaplain: Anna S.
Spirit Committee Chair: Taylor T.

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