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Campus Recruitment

Fall Semester Recruitment Events

Picnic with the Pi's

This is the first Panhellenic-sponsored event of the year for Alpha Delta Pi.  It is a chance for Southwestern students to get to know us in a relaxed environment with food and games.  

Cookies & Pi’s
This is the second Panhellenic-sponsored event of the year for Alpha Delta Pi. We invite Southwestern students to enjoy cookies and conversation. At this time, we explain exactly what we do for Ronald McDonald House Charities and how much it means to us.

Mock Formal Recruitment
Since Southwestern utilizes deferred Recruitment, the Panhellenic Council offers a Fall preview event known as Mock Formal Recruitment. Mock Formal Recruitment is an amazing opportunity for Potential New Members (PNMs) to get a “sneak peak” of what Formal Recruitment will be like in January. Each PNM will have the chance to meet the sisters of each of the 4 sororities during short, casual parties. Don’t forget to sign up for Mock Formal Recruitment!!

Spring Semester Recruitment Activities

Mandatory Recruitment Meeting 
Typically held right before the beginning of Formal Recruitment, this final mandatory meeting covers the details and schedule of Recruitment. Panhellenic Council is available to answer any last questions from PNMs and to give each PNM an idea of what to expect in the coming days. At the end of the meeting, each PNM will receive their recruitment t-shirt to be worn during the first night of Formal Recruitment. Remember, this mandatory meeting is very important for each PNM to attend!


Round 1: Go Greek!
Tonight is all about meeting everyone in the Greek Community at Southwestern! PNMs will be divided into small groups with Panhellenic Delegates to guide them through the formal recruitment process. At ΑΔΠ, PNMs will find a fun environment and have a chance to meet all of our amazing sisters. An informative and entertaining slideshow will give PNMs a glimpse into our sisterhood and the bond we share. We hope you will get an idea of what being an ΑΔΠ sister is all about!


Round 2: Sisterhood Night
The second night of Formal Recruitment is meant to showcase our four key values. We will share with PNMs the unique character of ΑΔΠ and the wonderful opportunities it has provided for each one of our sisters. We hope PNMs will take away a deeper understanding of our loyalty to each other and how ΑΔΠ has shaped who we are today.


Round 3: Preference 
As Formal Recruitment Weekend comes to a close, ΑΔΠ wants every PNM to know how much we enjoyed getting to know them. We take this final day to express our true feelings for each other and the love we share for ΑΔΠ. We encourage you to take this final opportunity to ask questions and engage in deep conversations with our sisters. We utilize this sentimental gathering to impress upon each PNM the unique fellowship we share as sisters in ΑΔΠ.

Bid Day!
The real fun is just beginning! Held in the afternoon following Preference, Bid Day is when each PNM receives a “bid,” an invitation to join a particular sorority. As ΑΔΠ sisters, we plan a fun-filled evening of meeting our new sisters and introducing them to life as an Alpha Delta Pi! Bid Day is a very exciting experience and we are extremely enthused about welcoming our new sisters to ΑΔΠ!


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